Grades 5 to 8 Physical Education/Health Education

A Foundation for Implementation

Blackline Masters

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Blackline Masters by grade:
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8

General Blackline Masters

Grades 5 to 8 Physical Education/Health Education: A Foundation for Implementation


Grade 7
7-1a: Enigma Clue Cards for Invasion/Fielding/Striking Games
7-1b: Enigma Clues: Recording Sheet
7-2: Orienteering Relay Symbols (pg. 1)
7-2: Orienteering Relay Symbols (Answer Key) (pg. 2)
7-3: Muscle Mania (pg. 1)
7-3: Muscle Mania (Labelled) (pg. 2)
7-4: Fitness FITT Principle
7-5: Health-Related Fitness Components Questionnaire
7-6: Personal Fitness Record (pg. 1)
7-6: Personal Fitness Record (pg. 2)
7-7: Characteristics of Being a Good Sport
7-8: Consequence Circle
7-9: Community Supports

Grade 8
8-1: Enigma Clue Cards for Net/Wall and Target Games
8-2: Alternative Pursuits Scoring Rubric
8-3: Bench-Step Circuit Cards
8-3a: Bench-Step Circuit Card: V-Step (available in electronic format only)
8-3b: Bench-Step Circuit Card: Basic Step (available in electronic format only)
8-3c: Bench-Step Circuit Card: Run Step (available in electronic format only)
8-3d: Bench-Step Circuit Card: Straddle Step (available in electronic format only)
8-3e: Bench-Step Circuit Card: Straddle Jump (available in electronic format only)
8-3f: Bench-Step Circuit Card: Lunge (available in electronic format only)
8-3g: Bench-Step Circuit Card: Knee-Up (available in electronic format only)
8-3h: Bench-Step Circuit Card: Side Squat (available in electronic format only)
8-3i: Bench-Step Circuit Card: Charleston Step (available in electronic format only)
8-3j: Bench-Step Circuit Card: T-Step (available in electronic format only)
8-3k: Bench-Step Circuit Card: Turn Step (available in electronic format only)
8-3l: Bench-Step Circuit Card: V-Steps (Three Times) (available in electronic format only)
8-4: Examples of Exercise Do's and Don'ts
8-5: DECIDE Model
8-6: Stress-Reduction Plan
8-7: Positive Self-Talk Questionnaire
8-8: Benefits Bubbles