Social Studies

Grade 10 (Senior 2) Social Studies Cluster Blackline Masters

Grade 10 (Senior 2) Social Studies: Geographic Issues of the 21st Century: Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes and A Foundation for Implementation

The blackline masters (BLMs) below are in Adobe PDF and MS-Word.

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Cluster Blackline Masters

The following files are presented in Adobe PDF and MS-Word. See instructions for downloading the files.

PDF Adobe Acrobat Files
MS-Word MS-Word Files
1-1: Word Splash
1-2: Word Families Form
1-3: Sample Interview Form (2 pages)
1-4: Sense of Place and Identity
1-5: Team Names and Logos: A Reflection of Place
1-6: Creating a Team Name and Logo
1-7: Analyzing a Biome Using the Definition of Geography
2-1: Case Studies: Extracting Resources in Less-Developed Countries
3-1: Proposal for a New Food Product
3-3: Daily Food Consumption Log
3-4: Terminology Related to Contemporary Food Production (2 pages)
4-1: What Is Industry?
4-2: Statements about Locations of Industry
4-3: Making Consumer Choices
4-4: International Trade Organization (2 pages)
4-5: Aboriginal Business Information Sheet (2 pages)
4-6: Globalization—Positive or Negative? (2 pages)
4-7: Making More Consumer Choices (2 pages)
5-1: Living in Rural, Urban, and Remote Communities
5-2: Rural, Urban and Remote Communities—The Best Place to Live? (2 pages)
5-3: Four-Part Word Story
5-4: Making a Family Decision to Move
5-5: Locational Factors of Urban Centres
5-6: Urban Places Information Frame
5-7: Predicting Urban Sites Map 1
5-8: Predicting Urban Sites Map 2
5-9: Planning Issues of Major Urban Centres
5-10: Planning Issues of Smaller Communities
5-11: Report on Urban Planning Decisions
5-12: The Future of Smalltown, Canada
5-13: The Future of Crocusville (2 pages)