Social Studies


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Social Studies is the study of people in relation to each other and to the world in which they live. In Manitoba, social studies comprises the disciplines of history and geography, draws upon the social sciences, and integrates relevant content from the humanities. As a study of human beings in their physical, social and cultural environments, social studies examines the past and present, and looks toward the future. Social studies helps students acquire the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to become active democratic citizens and contributing members of their communities, locally, nationally, and globally.

What's New

Residential Schools: Resources for Educators

It is important that Canadians learn from the past and respond to the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada in order to promote healing and reconciliation. As educators, we have an important role in raising awareness of the tragic legacy of residential schools and colonialism.

The document Residential Schools: Resources for Educators has been created to assist in this conversation.

Artifacts Tell Our Stories

This learning experience draws on concepts of artifactual literacy. Students investigate how artifacts tell our stories and deepen our understandings of ourselves, others, and our relationship to history. Students have opportunities to explore multiple forms of texts including visual objects and artifacts that embody lived experiences, values, identities, and cultures. They are introduced to the role of artifacts in history to tell the stories of the past and how multiple perspectives enrich our shared histories. Students are challenged to gather a collection of personal artifacts that represent them, investigate the story of each artifact, and share their findings in an exhibit. This learning experience can be done online synchronously or asynchronously, or a combination of both.

Black History and Anti-racism in Canada

This new resource replaces the previous Black History Month support materials. The histories of Indigenous, Black, and Peoples of Colour are an essential, but often previously neglected, aspect of Canadian history. They are important parts of the Canadian “story.” It gives us insights into and an understanding of how Canadian and North American societies were formed and how they “work” today. As Canadians work and struggle to build a better society, knowing and appreciating the histories of Indigenous, Black, and Peoples of Colour is vital.

Black History and Anti-racism in Canada is intended to support educators in exploring and integrating Black history and anti-racism throughout the curriculum and their schools. While at times Black history in Canada was one of exclusion, and marginalization or racism it is equally important because it is a history of resistance, resiliency, and hope even in the face of impossible odds. Black history is about social justice, freedom, and the love of humanity. Black history inspires us even when we are frustrated by what seem to be the slow and painful steps that progress takes.

Charting New Relationships Black History and Anti-racism in Canada