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Ethics and Responsibilities
  • respects privacy rights of self and others
    (e.g., does not share personal information about others without permission, uses consent forms, obtains permission to take photographs, sets appropriate privacy settings in social media, follows the school’s/division’s acceptable use policies, understands terms of service used by various social media)
  • weighs societyís right to information access against an individualís right to privacy
    (e.g., considers what would be appropriate/inappropriate to share about others, differentiates between what is essential and what is non-essential to know about others, acts ethically when sharing information about others, considers the purpose of the inquiry when gathering information)
  • respects intellectual property rights of self and others
    (e.g., acknowledges authorship of all sources, respects terms of service agreements, applies copyright laws appropriately, understands and applies own and others’ intellectual property rights)
  • respects the rights of others to have their own perspectives
    (e.g., recognizes there are many points of view to consider, considers and tries to understand opinions/ideas of others)
  • assesses the potential impact of decisions and actions on self, others, and society
    (e.g., considers the appropriateness and relevance of own questions, assesses and expresses findings objectively and constructively, considers the potential for infringement on privacy, thinks about environmental issues)