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Assessment and LwICT

Literacy with ICT is no longer assessed for the purpose of reporting on the new report card used in Manitoba. However, teachers should consider continuing to assess their students’ FOR and AS learning with the use of ICT as they have done since the implementation of the initiative. The LwICT Continuum continues to be a tool to observe the progress of students as they use ICTs to support their learning in curricular areas. Teachers can comment about students learning with ICT, by adding anecdotal comments in subject areas

Assessment Is Triangular
The Developmental Continuum for Literacy with ICT functions as both a planning tool and as assessment FOR/ AS learning. There are three components in assessing student literacy with ICT: observations, portfolios, and conversations.

Focused Observation
We use focused observation of learning in LwICT to explain how to observe students in a manageable way as they learn.

Gradual Release
The model of Explicit Instruction developed by Pearson and Gallagher, as explained in the ELA curriculum and the Independent Together document informs on the learning of students across the Continuum.