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What Is Literacy with ICT?


What is Literacy?

Literacy is being able to read, write, listen, speak, view and represent while thinking critically and creatively about ideas and information. Literacy enables us to understand ourselves and the world around us, to interact with others and to share thinking.

What is ICT?

ICT is more than just computers and keyboarding. ICT is any Information and Communication Technology that helps us to find, process and communicate information. ICT tools include the Internet and web enabled mobile devices, cell phones, global positioning systems (GPS), texting, gaming devices, digital cameras, mobile digital audio players, wikis, blogs and more. Some of these tools are being used today in classrooms all over Manitoba, and will be used even more in the future to support learning.


Literacy with ICT

Literacy with ICT consists of critical and creative thinking, health and safety, ethics and responsibility and ICT literacy. Literacy with ICT is the ability to find, evaluate, use and share information by thinking critically, creatively and ethically. It is also about when, why and how to use ICT in safe, healthy and responsible ways.

Literacy with ICT is like a puzzle with pieces that fit together. All the pieces are needed to create the whole picture.

Literacy with ICT: critical and creative thinking, health and safety, ethics and responsibility, ICT literacy

Critical Thinkers and Creative Thinkers

What are Critical and Creative Thinking?

Critical thinking means developing good judgment and making smart choices. Creative thinking means being inventive, thinking innovatively and using imagination.

Why are Health and Safety Important?

Technology, and the way it is used in society, is constantly changing. It is important that our children understand what it means to use technology in healthy and safe ways.  Learning to manage privacy and identity, balancing screen time with people time, and recognizing dangerous behaviors and where to get help can be challenging. But, having open conversations with children about healthy and safe practices while using ICT is how they learn to meet those challenges effectively and confidently. 

Girl Thinking

Why are Ethics and Responsibility Important?

Our children are citizens of a digital world. Citizenship involves responsibilities as well as rights. Our young citizens need to learn how to use ICT in a ethical and responsible way, so that they and our society won’t be at risk.
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What is ICT Literacy?

ICT literacy, one component of Literacy with ICT, is the ability to demonstrate ICT skills such as managing electronic files and folders.