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Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum

Literacy with ICT finds its way across the curriculum through Inquiry. The Big Ideas outlined in the Developmental Continuum for Literacy with ICT are congruent with Inquiry as described in several Manitoba curricula.

The figure below shows the congruency between the Literacy with ICT Big Ideas and Inquiry, as found in the core subject areas.

Literacy with ICT and Inquiry Processes Across the Curriculum
with ICT
Big Ideas
Inquiry Process
Scientific Inquiry / Design Process
Social Studies
Question and Plan 3.1 Plan and Focus Understands a given or a formulated questions, task or situation that introduces and applies mathematical ideas.


Plan topic and goals Formulate questions for research
Develops a plan. Planning
Implementing a Plan
Gather and Make Sense 3.2 Select and Process Carries out a plan
  • collects data, if applicable and evaluates the collection process
  • analyzes data or given information

Describes the effect of bias, use of language, ethics, cost, time and timing, privacy, and cultural sensitivity if collecting data to answer a question

Observing, Measuring, Recording

Demonstrating Scientific and Technological Attitudes

Gather/Select information from oral, visual, material, print, or electronic sources
Revise ideas and opinions/Interpret information and ideas
3.3 Organize, Record, and Assess Sort/Categorize/Organize and record information using visual organizers/Reference
Produce to Show Understanding 4.1 Generate and Focus

Displays solution process or data.
Interprets data, if applicable

Analyzes society's use of data, solution, representation

Analyzing and Interpreting Select and use appropriate tools and technologies to accomplish tasks
4.2 Enhance and Improve Present information and ideas orally, visually, concretely, or electronically

4.4 Present and Share

5.2 Encourage, Support, and Work with Others

Communicates conclusion/solution Concluding and Applying Cooperate and collaborate with others
Reflect   Applies solutions to daily life and/or makes predictions based on data Reflecting on Science and Technology