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Role of School Leaders in Supporting Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum

Effective school leadership is the single most important influence on student learning. This does not mean school leaders act alone. It means that school leaders collaborate with teachers, parents and support staff to develop the school culture, the focus and the resources that support student learning.

Success Concept Map

Effective leaders understand how to balance growth through change while, at the same time, practising aspects of culture, values and norms worth preserving. They know which policies, practices, resources and incentives to align and how to align them with organizational practices. They know how to gauge the magnitude of the change they are calling for and how to adjust their leadership strategies accordingly.

Once school leaders begin to establish Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum as a focus for initiating change, they can construct a plan to realize this vision. According to a comprehensive study that reviewed theory, research and practice related to educational leadership, there are three critical factors related to increased student learning.

These factors are:

  • the ability to maintain a positive school culture with order, discipline, support for teachers and resources
  • the knowledge of curriculum, teaching practices and student assessment as they relate to an increase in student learning
  • an understanding of how to increase student engagement in their learning (Waters et al.)

School leaders can find further information on: