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The following resources support the teachers as they implement Literacy with ICT in their classrooms.

LwICT Posters

Versions of each of the posters are available in PDF Adobe PDF for easy printing.

  • the LwICT Model
  • the developmental continuum
  • the health and safety guidelines
  • the ethics and responsibilities guidelines
  • the student-friendly versions of the continuum descriptors that enable student self-assessment


This bibliography references materials that support LwICT.

Impact of ICT on Learning: An Analysis of Resources and Annotated Bibliography

Due to the short ‘shelf life’ of studies related to the impact of ICT on student achievement and engagement, this analysis examines mainly studies published in the last seven years and is based on the following two caveats:

  • ICTs should not be seen as the focus of the learning process
  • Pedagogy must be put ahead of ICT

Web-Based Resources for LwICT

Find online resources to help support your implementation of Literacy with ICT.