Student Services

Planning and Programming for Students with Special Learning Needs

Student services teams in Manitoba schools support students in a variety of ways. Any student may require student-specific planning, programming, and documentation, including those who have identified special learning needs and abilities.

Students with special learning needs and abilities are:

  • those who require specialized services or programming when deemed necessary by the in-school team because of cognitive/intellectual, social/ emotional, behavioural, sensory, physical, communication, academic, or special health-care needs that affect their ability to meet curricular learning expectations
  • or

  • those who are working well beyond subject- or course-specific provincial curricular learning expectations in one or more subjects/courses or specific skill areas

Information for Schools, Students, and Families

The in-school team includes the student, parent(s), classroom teacher(s), school principal, resource teacher(s), counsellor(s), and may include educational assistants and others who support students with special learning needs. The team has an important role in planning, developing, and monitoring student specific plans (SSPs) for students. For students who require an SSP, a member of the in-school team is designated as case manager.

Through the student specific planning process, the student support team works to identify a student’s learning needs and to develop, implement, and evaluate appropriate educational interventions. These interventions may range from short-term strategies applied in the classroom to comprehensive, individualized programming. The student-specific planning process is sufficiently broadbased to address, in a systematic way, a wide range of learning needs.

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Classroom Support
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