Student Services

Planning and Programming for Students with Special Learning Needs

School-based student support teams support all students, including those with special learning needs. Students with special learning needs are those who may require student specific support because they experience challenges in one or more of these areas that affect their ability to learn.

  • academic
  • behavioural
  • cognitive/intellectual
  • communication
  • health-care
  • physical
  • sensory
  • social/emotional

The Student Services Unit (SSU) includes a team of consultants who have education and experience in working with students with special learning needs in the school system. SSU consultants support the work of student support teams in Manitoba schools.

Information for Schools, Students, and Families

School-based student support teams vary in size and composition based on the needs of individual students. Teams may include a principal and/or vice principal, resource teacher(s), counsellor(s), classroom teacher(s), parent(s), school clinicians and others who have responsibility for students with special learning needs. The student may also participate as a member of the team, as appropriate.

The student support team plans and monitors the development and implementation of an individual education plan (IEP), which can involve one or many aspects of the student's school life.

An SSU consultant may consult with student support teams related to school-based, classroom-based or student-specific planning and programming. SSU consultants may also support school or division teams by providing workshops on topics relevant to the student support role. SSU consultants can support school and division teams in areas such as the following.

Classroom Support
Student-specific Planning
Positive Behaviour Support
Student-specific Needs
Transitional Planning


Classroom Support
Student-specific Planning
Positive Behaviour Support
Student-specific Needs
Transition Planning
Of Special Interest to Parents
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