Deaf and Hard of Hearing

ASL High School Credit

American Sign Language (ASL) Credit Option

The Inclusion Support Branch coordinates the evaluation for credits in ASL. High school credits are granted based on competency criteria. The evaluation is conducted each year at the Manitoba School for the Deaf.

Please note the following information and provide it to interested students:

  • Evaluations are generally designed for people who have had extensive exposure to ASL, or have developed skills through sign language courses.
  • There is no charge for this evaluation. Attached is a copy of the application form. Please contact our office for an information package if it is required.
  • Criteria for Credits ASL 10F, ASL 20F, ASL 30S and ASL 40S are available upon request.
  • Please see the following websites for more information:
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the Manitoba School for the Deaf.
  • Students who are unable to attend their scheduled session due to an emergency are asked to call the Manitoba School for the Deaf office at 204-945-8934.

The deadline for the submission of applications is February 7, 2022.

The ASL evaluation will be held at the Manitoba School for the Deaf, 242 Stradford Street, Winnipeg, on Wednesday, March 2, 2022 and Thursday, March 3, 2022 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Letter to Principals and Guidance Counsellors (Adobe Icon 164 KB)

Application for ASL Special Language Credit Option Examinations (Adobe Icon 243 KB)