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Support Information: IEP Code Provincial Report Card

On the provincial report card, the IEP box is ticked when an IEP is in place for the academic/cognitive domain and it is not reasonable to expect the student to meet or approximate the learning expectation of the provincial curriculum for the grade in the subject. Ticking the box signals to parents that the student achievement grades are NOT based on the same expectations as students with regular programming. Teachers can develop an IEP for a variety of factors, such as, transiency, gaps in learning, or a cognitive disability.

Some students have an IEP for domains not reported on the provincial report card. Examples could include life skills, transition plans and physical needs. Progress toward any related goals is reported separately. In these circumstances the IEP box is NOT ticked off. Divisions/Districts may continue to use the reporting tools/templates/documents and processes that are currently in place to report on achievement specific to the student's special learning needs, in addition to the provincial report card.

Information for Schools, Students, and Families

The intention of the informal information contained here is to provide support for student services personnel related to the provincial report card and IEP check box.

An SSU consultant may consult with student support teams related to school-based, classroom-based or student-specific planning and programming. SSU consultants may also support school or division teams by providing workshops on this topic relevant to the student support role.

  • A 12-minute video on the IEP Programming Code with an accompanying
    PowerPoint Presentation (PowerPoint Icon 1.16 MB)

  • Provincial Report Card Terminology (Adobe PDF Document 59 KB)
    Specific terminology related to the Provincial report card and the IEP programming code.
  • Decision Tree (Adobe PDF Document 45 KB)
    The decision making tree is provided to assist teachers and school teams with the decision making process when determining if the IEP check box should be ticked. This decision making process should help to determine whether grades are based on grade-level outcomes or on individual learning goals because there is an IEP for the academic domain.
  • IEP Reporting Template – PDF Version (Adobe PDF Document 26 KB)   MS Word Version (MS Word Document 55 KB)
    An optional IEP template has been developed to assist schools to report on student achievement related to the IEP goals that are specific to that student's special learning needs and would not be reported through the provincial report card.



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