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School Registration of Students in Care of Child Welfare Agencies

In Manitoba, every person has the right to an education. There are no exceptions or qualifications to this right. Students in the care of child and family services agencies also require a carefully planned and timely transition into school. 

A Child and Family Services Agency may assume the role of guardian, or act on the guardian’s behalf. When this happens, the placing agency, school personnel, and others collaborate and share information to facilitate the student’s smooth transition into a new school.

Information for Schools, Students, and Families

A new interdepartmental protocol, which serves as update to Guidelines for School Registration of Student in Care of Child Welfare Agencies (2002) was developed for implementation, along with companion document, in 2013:

The protocol was developed to improve information sharing, promote effective communication, and strengthen joint planning among educators, school-based teams, child and family services workers, family members and students. Further, the protocol promotes consistency of practice across Manitoba.

The protocol assists in assessment, planning and responding to significant transitions for children and youth in care, including:

  • Intake/registration
  • changing living arrangements (including entering/existing foster care)
  • moving to a different school
  • re-entering the education system

The processes and strategies outlined in this protocol are designed to support children and youth in care to achieve educational and personal success. The guidelines contained are consisted with the principles of trauma-informed practice. This protocol emphasizes the importance of school continuity in any change in placement decisions.

The School Registration Form for Children and Youth in Care is contained in the document.

Legislation, Standards and Policies

The regulations that have been put in place to support Appropriate Educational Programming are found in two Manitoba Regulations:


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