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Assistive Technology and Support

Assistive Technology (AT) can enhance the quality of life for a student with learning challenges. AT can be a range of strategies and resources which include services and tools used to enable a student to meet learning outcomes. AT has the capacity to increase a student’s control in learning environments, daily activities and social situations.

AT also includes devices or software specifically for students with severe visual impairments (including electronic magnification devices, braille displays, notetakers and embossers and translation software for braille.

Assistive Technology:

  • Takes into account the students’ strengths and needs in their learning environment
  • Does not replace instruction in learning settings
  • Looks at the least complex and the most efficient type of intervention
  • Requires collaboration in planning, implementing and monitoring
  • Requires ongoing training to support effective practice
  • Special Learning Equipment (SLE)
    Depending on availability, special learning equipment is loaned to blind/visually impaired and severely physically handicapped students who have been identified by a department consultant as requiring it. These items may include braillers, CCTV's, computer access devices.

Information for Schools, Students and Families

  • Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning has developed a lending library for Assistive Technology software available to school divisions in rural and northern Manitoba
  • Consultation and workshops are available to assist in selection and implementation of AT software
  • Consultation support
    A Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning consultant is available to work with Student Services Administrators, resource and classroom teachers and clinicians to review, select and provide professional development based on classroom and student needs.
  • Schools can borrow AT through the Alternative Format Services for students with other print disabilities (e.g. learning disability)
  • Schools can borrow special equipment from Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning to support learning for students who are blind or visually impaired, based on the recommendation of the consultant for the blind and visually impaired (BVI) and equipment availability. These items (ex: braille writer, closed-circuit television magnification system, computer access devices) are assistive devices not normally available in the classroom. Consultants for the BVI may provide direct teaching for students who use these devices.
  • Professional Learning Opportunities
    Professional development sessions are available on request of the Student Services Administrator.



Startup/Troubleshooting for Assistive Technology Software and Hardwaress


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