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Individualized Programming

Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning has identified a range of instructional supports for addressing student diversity, including differentiated instruction, adaptation, modification, and individualized programming. This is not a continuum of supports; rather, each instructional support is intended to address specific programming needs in consideration of expected learning outcomes and/or student-specific outcomes.

Individualized programming is intended for students whose diagnosed intellectual disability is so severe or profound that they do not benefit from participating in curricula developed or approved by Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning.

An intellectual disabilityis determined through specialized assessment.

Information for Schools, Students, and Families

Eligibility for individualized programming is determined by the student’s intellectual ability to access the provincial curriculum. Appropriate educational programming would involve identifying highly individualized functional learning experiences related to building independence in domains outside of the provincial curriculum and documenting these in an individual education plan. ¬†Individualized programming involves developing highly individualized and functionally appropriate learning experiences outside of provincial curriculum. It is outlined in an individual education plan (IEP) where the learning experiences are written as student specific outcomes (SSOs). ¬†Individualized programming is not subject or course specific but identifies a year of individualized learning experiences.

Graduation and Students Receiving Indiviualized Programming Designation:
Students with individualized programming are eligible to achieve the Certificate of Completion if they have completed at least four years in the Individualized Senior Years Program or have reached the maximum eligibility of age 21 during the current calendar year.  For more information, please see Individualized Senior Years Program: Certificate of Completion.


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