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Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning has identified a range of instructional supports for addressing student diversity, including differentiated instruction, adaptation, modification, and individualized programming. This is not a continuum of supports; rather, each instructional support is intended to address specific programming needs in consideration of expected learning outcomes and/or student-specific outcomes.

Adaptation means a change in the teaching process, materials, assignments or pupil products to assist a pupil to achieve the expected learning outcomes.

Expected learning outcome means the learning outcomes consistent with the curriculum.

Information for Schools, Students, and Families

Adaptation supports a student to meet the expected outcomes of the curriculum. Adaptation is specific to a student and responds to his/her identified needs. For example, a student with a print disability may require information and directions to be presented verbally as well as in writing, and may need to demonstrate his or her learning in the same ways. A student with an attention disorder may require that instructions and assignments be broken into “chunks,” and may require a checklist to monitor task completion.


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