Educational Assistants in Manitoba

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Educational Assistants in  Manitoba


An educational assistant is a person hired to support the work of professional staff, such as teachers and clinicians. Educational assistants are valued members of the school community. They make a significant contribution to the work of the school and toward the education of all students.

Educational assistants work within school and school division policies and practices. Their roles are determined by the needs of the school division. Their day-to-day activities are directed by the principal, teacher, or other professionals under whose supervision they work, and can be as varied as the teachers and students they support.


The purpose of Educational Assistants in Manitoba Schools is to provide educators, school administrators, and school division administrators with a resource to support the work of educational assistants in Manitoba schools.

This is not a policy document. Decisions made under the local authority of school
divisions are outside this document’s scope. These include decisions regarding

  •  hiring practices
  •  orientation and training requirements
  •  provision of training opportunities
  •  financial allocations to support educational assistant training
  •  allocation of educational assistant time
  •  supervision and evaluation of educational assistants by professional staff

Target Audience

This document is intended for educators and school/school division administrators.