Student Services

Appropriate Educational Programming (AEP)

The Amendment to the Public Schools Act: Appropriate Educational Programming provides the regulation to guide policy and programming for all students, particularly those with special learning needs, in receiving the appropriate educational programming they require. The regulations confirm in legislation that all students in Manitoba are entitled to receive appropriate educational programming that fosters student participation in both the academic and social life of the school. The legislation supports Manitoba’s philosophy of inclusion.

Regulations and Standards

The regulations that have been put in place to support Appropriate Educational Programming are found in two Manitoba Regulations:

  1. Appropriate Educational Programming Regulations 155/2005 (Adobe Icon 123 KB)
  2. Education Administration Miscellaneous Provisions Regulations 156/2005 (Adobe Icon 52 KB)
  3. Appropriate Educational Programming in Manitoba: Standards for Student Services (Adobe Icon 130 KB)
  4. Appropriate Educational Programming: A Handbook for Student Services (Adobe Icon 2.1 MB)
  5. Appropriate Educational Programming in Manitoba: A Formal Dispute Resolution Process (Adobe Icon 338 KB)

The broad areas covered by the regulations include:

Involving Parents, Families and Communities

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