Repaying student loans | Manitoba Student Aid

What if my Manitoba Student Loan is currently in default?

What if my loan is in collections?

If you have missed nine monthly payments on your Manitoba Student Loan, your loan is considered in default. Manitoba Student Aid (MSA) will register a claim with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to redirect your future Income Tax refunds and GST payments until your loan is paid in full, or until you rehabilitate the loan. While a claim is registered with the CRA, you will not be eligible for future student aid financial assistance.

If your Manitoba Student Loan is in collections with the CRA, you may be eligible to rehabilitate your provincial loan by bringing your payments up to date. Please contact MSA to discuss loan rehabilitation options.

Please be aware that the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program has different policies regarding the delinquency and default of your federal loan, including rehabilitation policies. If your Canada Student Loan is in collections, you may be eligible to bring it up to date. Please contact the CRA for more information.

What if I declare bankruptcy?

If you declare bankruptcy or file a consumer proposal within seven years of completing your studies, your student loans may not be included. This means that once you are discharged, you will still be required to continue making regular student loan payments. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have notified your Trustee if you have one or more of the following: A Manitoba Student Loan, a Canada Student Loan, or a student loan through a bank.

While you are in bankruptcy protection, Manitoba Student Aid (MSA) cannot contact you. Once you have been discharged, you must contact MSA to provide proof of the discharge and establish a new student loan repayment plan.

What if a family member who has a student loan passes away?

If a family member passes away while they are in repayment of their student loans, they are eligible to have their loans forgiven. To apply, contact both Manitoba Student Aid and the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program. You will be asked to provide both offices with a copy of the death certificate.