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Is my school designated?

Find out what school designation means, whether your school is designated and what to do if it's not.

You must go to an approved or designated school and be in a designated program to be eligible for funding from Manitoba Student Aid.

Search here to see if your school or program is designated.

If your school or program has not been designated by Manitoba Student Aid, you cannot receive student aid for it until it is has been designated. This requirement is in place to protect you and make sure schools and the government are accountable to each other.

If your school or program is not designated, contact us for a paper student aid application. When we have your application, we will begin a designation process. We will ask the school for information about:

  • the school's accreditation
  • the program requirements
  • school's entrance requirements

This process can take up to 8 weeks, so please leave time when you apply. Unfortunately, if your school or program is not or cannot be designated, you will not be given student loan for that school or program.

For more information, please read the Manitoba Student Aid Designation Policy (Adobe PDF Document 217 KB)

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Status Report

If you received a Manitoba Student Loan prior to August 2014, Manitoba Student Aid will be mailing out T4A slips and Interest Paid letters for Income Tax purposes by the end of February.

To avoid delays, please ensure that we have your current address on file. You can make changes to your address through the online portal.