Applying for student aid | Manitoba Student Aid

What information do I need?

This section explains what you'll need at your fingertips to apply, what information you'll need to provide before you receive your funds and the confidentiality of your information.

Depending on what stage you're at in the application process, you will need to provide different information to our office.

What information do I need when I apply?

Contact Information

Academic Information

Income, Banking, and Funding Information

Information Dependent Students Will Also Require

Note: You are a dependent student unless:

  • you have been out of high school four years, or
  • you have been in the workforce for at least two periods of 12 months, or
  • you are married or living common-law, or
  • you are a single parent

Information Married or Common-Law Students Will Also Require

Download a checklist of the information required to submit an application (Adobe PDF Document 756 KB)

What documents do I need to submit to receive my funds?

Check your online account to see what documents you need to submit to receive your funds.

If you don't submit all of your documents, you will not receive any funds. We only accept documents until 45 days before your program ends, and you will not receive any funds if your program has ended.

How confidential is the information I give you?

All the information you give us is confidential. Your information will be verified and may be audited, but it will always remain confidential.

Now Available

+ T4A Slips

Students who received a Manitoba Bursary or a Canada Student Grant for Services & Equipment in 2020 will receive a T4A slip from Manitoba Student Aid (MSA). T4A’s will be mailed out at the end of February.

To avoid delays, please ensure that we have your current address on file. You can make changes to your address through the Manitoba Student Aid online portal.

Note: MSA does not issue T4A’s for Manitoba Student Loans.

+ Interest Paid Statements

Since Manitoba Student Loans are currently interest free, no Interest Paid Statements are issued.

The full-time spring/summer application is now available. Login or Create an Account to apply.