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What about my funds?

When to expect your funds and what you can do if you find yourself short of money for school or you are denied funding.

When and how will I receive my funds?

Once your documents are submitted, verified, and your enrollment is confirmed, if your school is in Canada, your Manitoba Student Aid funding will be sent directly to your school to pay your outstanding tuition. Any leftover amount will be sent to the bank account on your file and may take 1 – 2 weeks to become available in your bank account.

Exception: If your school is located outside of Canada, your funding will be deposited to the bank account on your file. You will be responsible for paying your outstanding tuition and fees using the funding deposited to your bank account.

Check your MSA online portal under My Award Information tab for detailed disbursement amounts and dates.

Note: Funds cannot be released before your program starts and they cannot be released after your study period end date.

Request a review of my assessment

You can request a review of your assessment if you need more funds, there is an error on your application (e.g. your income is wrong), or there are changes to your personal situation (e.g. you changed programs), as long as you are not already receiving the maximum amount of funding. For more information about maximum amount of funding and other frequently asked questions, visit Frequently Asked Questions.

Request for appeal

If you were denied financial help or you think the amount you received is too low, you can appeal your assessment. Your appeal will only be considered if your situation allows for an exception to our policy.

Please note: Processing may take up to 6 weeks or longer during peak times.

DEADLINE: You must submit all required information no later than 45 days before your period of study ends. Funds cannot be released after your study period end date.

For status updates specific to your application, log into the Manitoba Student Aid online portal.

All information provided to Manitoba Student Aid is subject to verification and audit.

To access the forms for the situations listed above, visit Manitoba Student Aid Forms.