Information for Parents

Parental Income

When Manitoba Student Aid considers a student to be a dependant, we will consider parental income when we calculate the student's financial need.

We consider a student to be dependant unless that student:

  • has been out of high school for more than four years
  • has worked full-time for at least two years while not going to school
  • has parental custody of a child at least 50% of the time

Family Size

When calculating student resources, family size is considered as a major factor.

About Parental Contribution

There is no standard answer when determining parental contribution. Each situation is considered individually. Family size and student costs are considered along with parental income in determining how much parents are expected to contribute to a child's education.

Parents who are concerned when they see an assessment that shows we expect them to contribute $2,000 towards their child's education should remember that this amount covers an entire study period and thus may be spread over many months. Parents also need to know that this dollar figure normally includes the value of what they already provide including food, transportation and medical expenses. It is not a demand for $2,000 in cash. It is only a part of determining how much a student will need for education beyond what parents are able to provide.

When we calculate the student costs, we include preset amounts for food and hygiene, a bus pass and miscellaneous medical expenses. So if you're already feeding them and buying their bus pass, you're already contributing to their education.

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