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NEW Weekly Student Loan Maximum Increasing by $60 to Better Support Students Pursuing Post-Secondary Education

The Manitoba government is increasing the Manitoba Student Loan weekly maximum benefit from $140 to $200 per week of study to better support students pursuing post-secondary education as of August 1, 2023.


NEW 2024/25 Fall-Winter application is now available. To avoid delays in processing your application, apply now!


NEW Canada-Manitoba Integrated Student Loan

The Governments of Canada and Manitoba have integrated some of the administration of their student loan programs. For Manitoba Student Aid (MSA) borrowers, this means that the loan disbursement and repayment of Manitoba student loans are now managed by the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC). Students will continue to submit new student loan applications, requests for reassessments and appeals for funding to MSA as that part of the MSA program is not changing.

Please note that MSA is no longer accepting payments for Manitoba student loans. Please visit the NSLSC website to learn how you can continue repayment of your Manitoba Student Loan.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Canada-Manitoba Integrated Student Loan


NEW Spring/Summer applications are now available. To avoid delays in processing your application, apply now!


New process for receiving T4A

Students who received a Manitoba Bursary or a Canada Student Grant for Services & Equipment in 2023 will receive a T4A slip from Manitoba Student Aid. T4A slips are now available in your Student Aid Online Portal.

Please note that Manitoba Student Aid does not issue T4A slips for Manitoba Student Loans because they are not considered income as per Canada Revenue Agency policy.


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