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Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning announced a Rural Education Action Plan for Student Services in October 2008 to enhance the delivery of programming for students in rural and northern Manitoba who have exceptional learning needs. The initiative addresses the unique needs of rural and northern school divisions through enhanced consultative support for programming, increased professional learning opportunities, a clinician bursary and access to technology software and hardware to assist rural and northern divisions/schools in providing appropriate educational supports for students with exceptional learning needs including students with learning disabilities.

Information for Schools, Students, and Families


The Rural and Northern Consultants completed a consultation process with each rural and northern school division in 2008/2009. From these consultations an Action Plan was developed to begin to address the needs identified.

Technology such as video conferencing will increase the opportunities for rural and northern school educators to participate in the development of support materials and to access professional learning opportunities. The technology can also be used by school divisions to access consultant support from Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning to assist in planning for students with special needs.

As part of the Rural and Northern Initiative, Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning has developed a lending library for Assistive Technology software. Consultation and workshops are also available to rural and northern school divisions to assist in selection and implementation of AT software.

Consultation and Professional Learning Opportunities

As part of the Action Plan resulting from these consultations, the Consultants for Student Services have developed a series of workshops to address Appropriate Educational Programming (AEP) for students with learning disabilities in rural and northern schools.

The first workshop is intended to be an introduction to the topic of Learning Disabilities, and is appropriate for classroom teachers, resource teachers and administrators. The rural and northern consultants are available to deliver this workshop at the school division or school level. In addition, there are four follow-up workshops available that address the following specific learning disabilities: reading, writing, math and non-verbal.

Consultants are also available for consultation at the division, school and student specific level. To request a workshop or if you have any questions, please contact the General Enquiries office.


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