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Behaviour Intervention Planning (BIP)

This site is designed to provide educators, parents, and support service personnel with guidelines on developing Behaviour Intervention Plans for students with severe emotional/behavioural problems.  The information is designed to fit the processes utilized by Manitoba educators in planning for students whose needs fit the very severely emotionally/behaviourally disordered category described in Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning's Guidelines for Level II and Level III Support.

The Behaviour Intervention Plan presented here is treatment based and becomes the school component of an intersectoral treatment plan. It assumes that the school already has a School-Wide Positive Discipline Program, positive school and classroom environments, and good classroom management techniques to address the needs experienced by students with common discipline problems and behaviour challenges.  Because many children with emotional/behavioural problems also have learning problems, Behaviour Intervention Plans are often accompanied by Individual Educational Plans.

This planning process requires teams to have some skill in targeting behaviours.  Background information on the term emotional/behavioural disordered, targeting behaviours, and on the structure of the site can be obtained by clicking on the following links:  

Emotional/behavioural Disorder (EBD): This web page describes emotional/behavioural disorders and their relationship to behaviour intervention planning.

Targeting Behaviours: This web page describes the process of targeting behaviours and its importance in behaviour intervention planning.

Structure of the Site: This web page describes the structure of the Sample Behaviour Intervention Plan web page and explains how to use its interactive capabilities.

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