French (English Program)

Early Start French

Curriculum Framework of Outcomes, Kindergarten to Grade 3

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Early Start French, Kindergarten to Grade 3 – The purpose of this framework is threefold:

  • to present the vision for learning French in Kindergarten to Grade 3 (English program)
  • to present general and specific learning outcomes, as well as achievement indicators and related illustrative examples, for oral communication
  • to illustrate the balanced literacy approach to oral communication, reading and writing in Early Start French

Poster – Early Start French (Document is in PDF format 356 KB)
This poster provides a snapshot of the course, Early Start French. It illustrates how the course places an emphasis on oral communication within the balanced literacy based approach, including the integration of Francophone cultures. The poster also describes the vision, the goals and the expected outcomes of the course.

Sections of the Document

Early Start French, Curriculum Framework of Outcomes, Kindergarten to Grade 3

Front Matter (Document is in PDF format 653 KB)
Table of Contents (Document is in PDF format 280 KB)
Note (Document is in PDF format 256 KB)
Introduction (Document is in PDF format 314 KB)

  • Purpose of the Document
  • Philosophical and Pedagogical Principles

Early Start French (Document is in PDF format 702 KB)

  • Vision and Goals
  • An Early Start to the Balanced Literacy Approach
  • Oral Communication and Learning Outcomes
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Culture
  • Integration of Subject Areas
  • Assessment of Oral Communication

Bibliography (Document is in PDF format 258 KB)
Appendix (Document is in PDF format 6,8 MB)

  1. Three Models for Teaching Early Start French (Document is in PDF format 262 KB)
  2. Strategies for Success (Document is in PDF format 1,6 MB)
  • A Typical Lesson Plan
  • Everyday Questions and Expressions
  • Establishing Routines
  • Petit bavardage amical
  • Mur de mots
  • Message du jour
  1. Reading in French (Document is in PDF format 347 KB)
  2. Integrating Games (Document is in PDF format 500 KB)
    1. Jeu du serpentin
      PDF Version (Document is in PDF format 319 MB)   MS Word Version (Document is in MS Word format 66 KB)
  3. Integrating Music (Document is in PDF format 409 KB)
  4. Watching a Video (Document is in PDF format 348 KB)
  5. Observation Sheets
    PDF Version (Document is in PDF format 1,24 MB)   MS Word Version (Document is in MS Word format 192 KB)

Suggested Resources by Month and by Theme

Au Manitoba, on s’amuse en français, Ensemble de sensibilisation (Document is in PDF format 29 MB)
To facilitate the teaching and learning of French, teachers can plan their thematic units using these suggested learning situations (activities and games), rhymes, songs and stories. Teachers are encouraged to select the learning situations that best meet the needs of their students. They are organized below, by grade and then month.