French – English Program

(Basic French)

Elements for Success

In order to implement the vision, goals and guiding principles, it is necessary that school divisions and schools:

  • ensure an appropriate amount of instructional time;
  • provide support for teacher education in the areas of language proficiency, second language methodology, and cultural knowledge;
  • consider the responsibilities of all the stakeholders (Adobe PDF Document 178 KB) involved in the successful delivery of the French courses.

Basic French Guidelines: A Handbook for School Divisions/Districts, 2004  Basic French Guidelines

The purpose of this document is to set out the guidelines and conditions, which enable schools to offer consistent, continuous and effective programming in Basic French.

The guidelines included in this document are intended to assist school divisions/districts, schools and provincial educational authorities to provide for classroom instruction, which will result in the attainment of well-defined and realistic goals through the use of appropriate teaching strategies and suitable instructional material.