Sample Safety Plan for Tim

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Provide alternative placements for times when Tim is at risk of injuring others or himself

  • When court cases or parent visitations are near the foster parents and/or social worker will determine whether to keep him home
  • When Tim seems completely unmanageable in school, even by the administrator, Tim will be sent home
  • Tim will have an alternate activity for noon hour and a plan to systematically regain noon hour privileges
  • Staff will not physically block Tim’s escape when he tries to run out of the classroom or school but an entry process will be needed
  • Parents will provide support except for those few times when both are away
  • Mrs. Smith will pick Tim up at school unless the car is unavailable or she is not in town
  • The vice principal will allow Tim to assist with lunch duty and earn a lunch, he can assist volunteers with younger students
  • The school psychologist will provide some co-operative games and he can teach these to students who have to remain in at noon hour
  • CFS will support this decision and the foster parents will be called if Tim runs away
  • If he leaves the school, reentry will be planned with the principal; if he leaves the class it will be planned with the teacher
  • CFS will allow respite for those few times when one of the Smith’s is unable to stay home
  • The uncle will provide backup if Tim can be driven to his work place
  • The school and CFS will allow the school staff to transport Tim home when there isn’t a car
  • When possible he will be allowed to accompany the duty teacher for the primary play area
  • The counsellor may involve Tim in her first aid group as an honorary member and allow him to help the student aids help students hurt on the playground
  • If the Smiths are not home, the CFS will be called
  • In emergency cases, a staff person may follow Tim or even stop him physically if required, this person will be trained in restraint

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Create a crisis response when Tim puts himself in jeopardy

  • When Tim suddenly runs out of the house to "leave" he will be provided with a phone number to talk with someone and, if parents are extremely concerned, they will call the CFS worker
  • The CFS has a number to call and the school counselor has agreed to be one of Tim’s contacts through this number when lines are full
  • The social worker will respond to the Smith’s emergency calls or have another person on call until 11:00 pm (Tim usually runs away early in the evening)
  • Tim will be taught a talking down strategy and identify a place where he can use it if he is unable to make contact by phone
  • The recreation director has agreed to be a support when Tim goes to the community club (he sometimes does this when he "runs away"
  • School psychologist lives in the area and has agreed to be a contact of last resort
  • Community police are aware that they may be help by looking for Tim and keeping the Smiths informed as to his whereabouts, if after midnight they may return him home

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Reduce damage to the Smith family’s valuables

  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith have removed most objects that are irreplaceable
  • Social worker will help Tim to develop a strategy to repair or replace items that were damaged, particularly when the damage bothers Tim or the foster parents
  • Tim’s foster father will talk with Tim, after he has calmed down, about ways to make reparations for things that were damaged in anger
  • CFS will pay for replacement of damaged valuables