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Senior Years Human Ecology
Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes

Curriculum Implementation Resources for Manitoba Teachers
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Senior Years Human Ecology (3.31 MB)

Senior Years Human Ecology: Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes

Specific Sections

Best Practice in Human Ecology

These best practice recommendations are a fundamental part of enhancing experiences/opportunities in Human Ecology programs/classrooms.

Individual Curriculum Framework of Outcomes

Grades 9-12 Human Ecology

The Human Ecology full credit courses provide outcomes from three areas of study (family studies, food and nutrition, textile arts and design).

Grades 9-12 Family Studies
Grades 9-12 Textile Arts and Design
Grades 9-12 Food and Nutrition
Grades 11 and 12 Environmental Design (Formerly Housing)

The framework of outcomes provides flexibility to apply to all the environmental design domains: architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, regional and urban planning. The human ecology education perspective on this framework of outcomes focusses on the interrelationships among people and housing and interior design in multiple dimensions.

Grades 11-12 Environmental Design (Half Credit) (275 KB)

Grades 11-12 Environmental Design (Full Credit) (351 KB)

Grade 12 Applied Family Studies (NEW)

This course prepares students for a caregiving role with infants, toddlers and children through the study of child development. The skills and knowledge are applied to a 40-hour practical experience with children where students will observe, guide behaviour, ensure health and safety, and participate in play-based learning experiences. This course provides the foundation for further study within the field of early childhood education and related careers.

Grade 12 Applied Family Studies (Full Credit) (266 KB)

The Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) program (Department of Families) may approve completion of the Grade 12 Applied Family Studies 40S (course code 0491) as meeting the 40-hour post-secondary course requirement for Child Care Assistants.