Technology Education

High School Apprenticeship Program

The High School Apprenticeship Program falls within the Senior Years Technology Education Program. In Manitoba, apprenticeship training is administered by the Apprenticeship Branch of Manitoba Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade. Apprenticeship is a training relationship involving a trainee (known as an apprentice), an employer, and the Apprenticeship Branch. An employer hires an apprentice to meet an existing or projected skill need. A contractual arrangement, known as indenturement, is established among the employer, the apprentice, and the Apprenticeship Branch.

The High School Apprenticeship Program

  • is an extension and enhancement of regular apprenticeship training;
  • is an integration of institutional education and the workplace;
  • provides students with credit that can be used towards continued apprenticeship training after high school graduation.

Further information regarding the High School Apprenticeship Program.