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Financial literacy pilot program
The Manitoba government is partnering with Enriched Academy to deliver a financial literacy pilot program to Manitoba students during the 2023/24 school year. Enriched Academy will be providing teachers and students in select Manitoba schools with engaging education on the critical life skills of saving, budgeting, and investing. Manitoba educators interested in learning more about the pilot program can visit the Enriched Academy website.

Grades 9 to 12 Applied Commerce Education: Manitoba Technology Education Curriculum Framework of

Applied Commerce Education (ACE) Poster Adobe PDF

This poster outlines Applied Commerce Education courses in Technology Education. It is designed to provide information to students, schools, school divisions and parents on programming that is available for high school students.

Applied Commerce Education (ACE) consists of an optional cluster of courses for high school students interested in pursuing a future career in a commerce related field such as economics, entrepreneurship, business, marketing, technology and finance. Each of the individual courses is also an excellent option for any student wanting to understand more about their role in our global economy. The fourteen course offerings in the Applied Commerce area allow students to develop the skills needed to be effective business leaders, innovators, citizens, consumers, and employees.

Applied Commerce courses allow a student to:

  • Explore careers and fields of interest related to economics, business, finance and entrepreneurship before leaving high school to discover what area they have a passion for
  • Gain valuable skills for business, academics, everyday life and for employment such as:
    • Problem-Solving
    • Critical Thinking
    • Creativity/Innovation
    • Collaboration
    • Communication
    • Independent Thinking
    • Professional behavior and comportment
  • Develop skills and knowledge that will help them be competitive in the global economy
  • Explore topics through project based learning methods where they apply what they’ve learned to real-world situations
  • Prepare for post- secondary education in Business Administration

ACE Goals Common to all Courses

Every course in the Applied Commerce subject area contains the following ten common core goals in addition to the individual course’s unique goals:

  1. Demonstrate critical, creative and innovative thinking
  2. Employ current and emerging technologies used in business and industry
  3. Demonstrate business communication skills
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of ethical and legal standards
  5. Identify the historical influences and emerging trends of innovative sources for business
  6. Demonstrate an awareness of sustainability in business
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the impact culture and diversity has on business
  8. Describe and demonstrate employability skills
  9. Explore education and career opportunities
  10. Analyze the role of business in society

Applied Commerce Education Course Offerings

Applied Commerce Education, “ACE” contains fourteen courses. The courses have been categorized into strands (as shown below). Business Innovations 10s is an introductory course which pertains to all strands. The strands and courses are structured to provide schools and students at each grade level with an ACE course option. The structure is also designed to provide foundational learning for students interested in pursuing post-secondary business studies.

Strand descriptions:

  • Finance strand focuses on personal finances, accounting and economics.
  • Entrepreneurship strand focuses on entrepreneurship, and the development and management of business.
  • Commerce strand focuses on promotions, retailing, marketing and e-commerce.
  • Technologies, Topics and Trends strand focuses on business communications, technology, topic and trends.

The Grade 9 Stand-Alone course, Business Innovations, offers students the opportunity to explore commerce-related topics, such as economics, entrepreneurship, business, marketing, technology, and finance. The Grade 9 Stand-Alone course is a suggested introduction to the courses offered in each of the four strands.

Applied Commerce Education
All Strands: Grade 9 Business Innovations 10S
Finance Strand Entrepreneurship Strand Commerce Strand Technologies, Topics and Trends Strand
Personal Finance 20S Entrepreneurship 20S Creative Promotions 20S Business Communications 30S
Accounting Essentials 30S Venture Development 30S Retailing Perspectives 30S Applied Business Technologies 40S
Accounting Systems 40S Business Management 40S Marketing and Digital Commerce 40S Topics and Trends in Business 40S
Economic Principles 40S