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Safety Preparation for Student Career Learning and Work Experiences

Safety Plan Development Session, November 15, 2019

Manitoba Education, SAFE Work Manitoba and Safe Workers of Tomorrow are working together to prepare Manitoba students for safe work experiences and assist school administrators with workplace safety and health roles and responsibilities to ensure safe work experiences for all Manitoba students. Preparing students for safe work experiences, and helping schools, students and employers understand worker rights and responsibilities in the workplace are integral to students’ education and their safe introduction to the world of work. On November 15, 2019 the Safety Plan Development Session will be held to share information about the requirements, roles and responsibilities in preparing individual school division student work experience safety plans.

The following additional resources are available for your review. Located in various PowerPoint presentations are further links and contacts for your planning purposes. We recognize that continued dialogue is crucial to ensure that all administrators, teachers, employers and counselors are aware of the opportunities and requirements related to placing a student in work experiences. We encourage you to share these resources with employers, school administrators and staff involved in placing students on work experiences.

Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course

The Manitoba government has launched a new online Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course to teach youth the basics about workers’ and employers’ rights and responsibilities for safety and health in the workplace. Youth can now complete the Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course online. The course is administered by the Manitoba government and was developed in partnership with SAFE Work Manitoba. The interactive course is based on Saskatchewan’s successful youth readiness course and is tailored for Manitoba.  It will help aspiring young workers to:

  • understand more about the work world and where to go for information about workplace safety and health;
  • examine a pay statement;
  • learn about workplace expectations and responsibilities and practice problem solving; and
  • know workers’ and employers’ rights and responsibilities for keeping workplaces safe, and how to recognize and address common workplace hazards.

This new online training course will better prepare young Manitobans for entering the workforce and help keep them safe. The course replaces an outdated process where employers were required to apply for a government permit to hire a young worker between the ages of 13 and 15, regardless of type of work.

Information about the Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course (YWRCC) and the following teacher resources are available on the SAFE Work Manitoba website:

  • Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course (YWRCC)
  • PowerPoint for Teachers
  • YWRCC Modifiable Poster for Schools

Further information about the YWRCC can be found on the Employment Standards Young Employees Fact Sheet.

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