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Work Placement

Work placement is one of several ways of achieving the teaching/learning goals, objectives, and/or outcomes stated in department-developed, -registered, or -approved curricula and/or courses.

Work placement is neither a program nor a course. There is no provincial work placement curriculum. Rather, it is a means of achieving teaching/learning goals, objectives and/or outcomes within existing courses. Local curricula/courses that use work placement are encouraged and are eligible for consideration for Departmental registration or approval. Work placement should be used in conjunction with other delivery mechanisms such as direct instruction, computer-guided learning, or small group work to provide learning experiences that support students.

Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning maintains a database containing all work placement student registrations and incident data. Students are considered covered by Workers Compensation Board only if all information provided is accurate and signatures of the Supervising Instructor and Principal have been provided.

Note: Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning does not provide Workers Compensation Board coverage for paid employment or Community Service Student-Initiated Projects (CSSIP).

The Work Placement Brochure provides helpful information for teachers supervising student work placements. The Work Placement Fact Sheet for Employers provides valuable information that can be shared with Employers providing work placement learning opportunities to students. The Work Placement Registration Form is now a generic form and does not specify a year.

  • Work Placement Brochure ( 297 KB)
  • Work Placement Fact Sheet for Employers ( 227 KB)
  • Work Placement Registration Form ( 873 KB)

    To ensure that your Work Placement Registration forms are received at tve@gov.mb.ca

    1. Fill out the form, including electronic signature if using.
    2. Print the form out, (fill out and sign manually if necessary).
    3. Scan and save to your computer
    4. Attach to an email and email to tve@gov.mb.ca
    5. Look for a confirmation of receipt email from us within a few days time.
    6. If you do not receive a confirmation email from us, please resend and send a separate email with no attachment stating that you have sent a WCB form attached to another email.
    NOTE: It is important to download the PDF document, save it on your own digital device, and complete it using Adobe Acrobat before submitting the completed form, at which time a class list can be attached if more room is needed.

Please note: Preparing students for safe work experiences, and helping schools, students and employers understand worker rights and responsibilities in the workplace are integral to students’ education and their safe introduction to the world of work. Additional resources to assist educators with safety preparation for student career learning and work experiences and the Young Worker Readiness Certificate Course are available at Safety Preparation for Student Career Learning and Work Experiences.

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Workplace Injury

In the event of an incident, an Employer's Incident Report ( 123 KB) must be completed and filed with Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning within 5 days. Work Placement Confirmation forms will no longer be required.

For further information or clarification, please contact:

Senior Years Technology Education Program Unit
1567 Dublin Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 3J5
Telephone: 204-945-1857
Fax: 204-948-2344
Toll free: 1-800-282-8069, ext. 1857
Email: tve@gov.mb.ca

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