Funded Independent Schools

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are funded independent schools in Manitoba required to follow the provincial curriculum?

Yes. Funded independent schools must teach the provincial curriculum in all compulsory subject areas.

Do graduates of funded independent schools receive a Manitoba high school diploma?

Yes. Students who attend funded independent schools that offer high school are eligible to earn Manitoba high school credits as well as graduate with a Manitoba high school diploma. For more information see Provincial Graduation Requirements.

Are funded independent schools required to hire certified teachers?

Yes.  All K-12 teachers in funded independent schools must be certified by the Department. For more information visit the Teacher Certification website.

How much government funding do funded independent schools receive?

The amount of funding each independent school receives depends on how many students are enrolled at the school.  The annual calculation to determine the per pupil grant is found in the Private School Grants Regulation 61/2012. In general terms, funding is set at 50% of public school net operating expenditures from two years previous to the current funding year. To find out what the per pupil grant is for this school year, see the Funding and Enrollment Reporting booklet.

Are funded independent schools required to have a parent council?

Yes. Each funded independent school must have an elected parent council or school advisory board that includes at least three parents of children enrolled in the school.  Each school must also establish and maintain an incorporated board of directors.

How much do funded independent schools charge parents in tuition and fees?

Tuition and fees vary by school. The Department does not stipulate school tuition or fees.

Do students in funded independent schools take part in provincial assessments?

Yes. The requirement to participate in the large scale provincial assessments is the same whether a student attends a funded independent or a public school.  Information on provincial assessments can be found on the Assessment and Evaluation website.

Does the Province of Manitoba provide general liability insurance coverage for funded independent schools?

No. Parents who choose to send their children to funded independent schools should enquire with the school as to what type of general liability coverage the school maintains.

Do funded independent schools use the provincial parent-friendly report card?

Funded independent schools are not required to use the provincial parent friendly report card, but some schools may elect to do so.  Other schools develop their own report card formats locally.

Do funded independent schools collect and maintain student records?

Yes. Funded independent schools maintain Pupil Files (including Cumulative Files, Pupil Support Files* and Youth Criminal Justice Files* for enrolled students). If the student enrols in a funded independent school from a public school or another funded independent school, the receiving school will request that the Pupil File be transferred to its address (Youth Criminal Justice Files cannot be transferred school to school). Funded independent schools are required to follow the provincial Pupil File Guidelines.
*when required

Are funded independent schools required to have a code of conduct?

Yes. Funded independent schools are required to have a code of conduct. More information on provincial guidelines for school codes of conduct can be accessed on the Safe Schools website.

Do funded independent schools receive funding to support students with special needs?

Yes. Funded independent schools with students who meet the criteria for Level II or Level III Special Needs Categorical Funding will receive support through the Funding of Schools Program.

Are funded independent schools able to access clinician support (e.g. psychology, speech language pathology)?

Yes. Funded independent schools and public school divisions can enter into a Shared Services Agreement. Financial support from the Department is paid to public school divisions for eligible independent school pupils who can access shared services. Entering into a Shared Services Agreement is at the discretion of the public school division.

Do funded independent schools have an organization that represents their interests?

Yes. The Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools is a non-government organization that represents the interests of funded independent schools in Manitoba. MFIS also provides support for member schools. More information can be found on the MFIS website.