Funded Independent Schools

Legislation and Regulations for Funded Independent Schools

The criteria for the funding of independent schools are found in the Public Schools Act, Section 60(5) and the Private School Grants Regulation M.R. 61/2012.

The Public Schools Act* requires that funded independent schools:

  1. teach a sufficient number of courses approved under The Education Administration Act to ensure that children enrolled in the independent school receive an education of a standard equivalent to that received by children in public schools,
  2. employ teachers who hold valid and subsisting teaching certificates issued under The Education Administration Act, to teach the approved courses,
  3. have their core curriculum approved by the Department,
  4. have a legally incorporated Board of Directors (see Manitoba Companies Office),
  5. have an elected advisory board that:
    1. includes at least three persons who are parents or guardians of children enrolled in the independent school, and
    2. reports on the school on a regular basis during the school year, and not less often  than once in each school term, to parents or guardians of students enrolled in the independent school, and
  6. comply with such other requirements as may be prescribed by regulation.

*to reference the Grants to Private Schools section within the Public Schools Act, go to Section 60(5).