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Non-Funded Independent Schools

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the department’s role with regard to non-funded independent schools?

The department monitors and supports non-funded independent schools to determine that children enrolled in these schools receive an education that is equivalent to that provided in a public school.

What are the main differences between a funded independent school and a non-funded independent school?

A funded independent school must hire Manitoba-certified teachers, implement the provincially mandated curriculum, and meet other provincial requirements. A non-funded independent school is not required to meet these conditions.

What financial support is available for non-funded independent schools?

Non-funded independent schools may request a curricular materials grant of $60 per student.

Do graduates of non-funded independent schools receive a Manitoba high school diploma?

No. Students who attend non-funded independent schools do not graduate with a Manitoba high school diploma. Non-funded independent schools cannot grant Manitoba high school credits or award Manitoba high school diplomas.

How much do non-funded independent schools charge parents in tuition and fees?

Tuition and fees vary by school. The department does not stipulate school tuition or fees.

Do students in non-funded independent schools take part in provincial assessments?

No. The requirement to participate in provincial assessments is optional. Information on provincial assessments can be found on the Assessment and Evaluation website.

What is the role of the liaison officers for non-funded independent schools?

The liaison officers for non-funded independent schools determine that students in these schools receive an education that is equivalent to that of a public school. They provide support for administrators, may assist teachers to find books and materials that enhance the quality of education for the students, and may meet with board members on request.

Does the department provide general liability insurance coverage for non-funded independent schools?

No. Parents who choose to send their children to non-funded independent schools should enquire with the school as to what type of general liability coverage the school maintains.

Do non-funded independent schools use the provincial report card?

Non-funded independent schools are not required to use the provincial report card. These schools develop their own report card formats.

Are non-funded independent schools required to have a student code of conduct?

Non-funded independent schools are advised to have a student code of conduct.

Do non-funded independent schools receive funding to support students with special needs?

No. Non-funded independent schools do not receive funding support for special needs students.

Are non-funded independent schools able to access publicly funded clinician support (e.g., psychology, speech language pathology)?

No. Non-funded independent schools may access clinician support through private arrangements with clinicians that offer services for a fee.