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Independent Schools (Downloadable Forms)

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Submitting Files Electronically:

The Independent School Financial Statements file is to be submitted electronically via email to Education Funding Branch at as per the instructions.


Independent Schools
Description Adobe PDF  Adobe PDF Size
Funding and Enrolment Reporting enrol_reporting_2022.pdf 797 KB
Description Excel  Excel Icon Size
2022/23 Reporting Requirements Checklist (for School use) checklist_22-23.xlsx 15 KB
Independent School Financial Statements fin_state.xlsm 182 KB
Independent Schools Adjustments adjustments.xlsx 79 KB
EIS Teacher Certification Form & Non-Certified Teachers Report eis_teacher_cert.xlsm 31 KB
Days Open Report – Contact Schools' Finance Branch at 204-945-6910
Incidental School Closure Notification Form (M.R. 101/95) is114n.xlsm 87 KB
Shared Services Enrolment Report: Facilities and Resources fac_res_enrol.xlsm 73 KB
Request for Addition of a New Manitoba Resident Pupil is113n.xlsx 73 KB
Description Word  Word Icon Size
Shared Services Agreement: Clinician ssa_clinician.docx 36 KB
Shared Services Agreement: Clinician Winnipeg ssa_clinician_wpg.docx 36 KB
Shared Services Agreement: Facility and Resources ssa_fac_res.docx 37 KB
Shared Services Agreement: Facility and Resources Winnipeg ssa_fac_res_wpg.docx 36 KB
Shared Services Agreement: Transportation ssa_transport.docx 29 KB


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