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Non-Funded Independent Schools

Starting a Non-funded Independent School

A non-funded independent school may offer programming to eligible school-age students only. Eligible students include children turning six years of age by the end of December to age 18 (Grades 1–12). International students unaccompanied by parents are not eligible to enrol in a non-funded independent school.

To start a non-funded independent school in Manitoba, the school facility must be suitable for the programming being offered. The school must also submit to the department copies of the current occupancy permit and fire inspection (free of violations) provided by the local municipality, and maintain the originals of these documents on-site subject to inspection upon request.

The curricular programming offered must meet equivalency to that of a public school and include language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education/health education, arts education, and, where applicable, high school electives such as additional languages, computer applications, and career development.

A comprehensive financial plan is strongly recommended to ensure the school can meet its financial obligations for teacher salaries, learning resources, and capital costs.

Individuals and groups considering starting an independent school may contact the Independent and International Education Unit to request detailed information regarding the relevant requirements and processes. To arrange to speak with a liaison officer, contact the Independent and International Education Unit at 204-945-7948 or independentschools@gov.mb.ca.