Parents, Families and Communities
Resources and Reports

The following reports and documents provide information and resources for parents and families of students attending Manitoba schools.

School Programs

My Learning at Home

My Learning at Home offers parents and caregivers a collection of online resources to support and encourage meaningful family-centered learning at all grade levels. Resources will be added and updated regularly.

My Child in School – A Resource for Parents

This site provides parents with information about what children are learning in compulsory subject areas. Kindergarten to Grade 12

My Child in the Middle Years: A Parent Resource

This website was created to meet an expressed need for provincial resources for parents of children in their Middle Years (Grades 5 through 8) in school.

Independent Together: Supporting the Multilevel Learning Community

This project provides a resource that supports the implementation of Manitoba student learning outcomes in multilevel classrooms.

Aboriginal Education

Helping Your Child Succeed in School: A Guide for Parents and Families of Aboriginal Students

English Language Arts

Helping Your Child Learn to Read: A Parent's Guide
Lead the Way with ELA, A Parent Report on What's New in English Language Arts
Lead the Way with ELA, A Parent Report on What's New in English Language Arts - Immersion

Information and Communication Technology

Literacy with ICT Is for Me! A Parent Handbook on Learning with Information and Communication


Helping Your Child Learn Math: A Parent's Guide
Mathematics Activities and Games for Home and School

Physical Education

Physically Active and Healthy Lifestyles for All Students: A Parent's Guide for Grades 11 and 12 Physical Education / Health Education
At the Heart of Education, A Parent Report on What's New in Physical Education/Health Education


Science Surrounds Us, A parent Report on What's New in Science

Career Development

A Career Development Resource for Parents
This guide has been developed to help parents support teens as they explore their options and make decisions. The goal is to provide parents with some practical ideas and resources to use with their children.


Graduation Requirements

Focus on the Future: Career Planning Begins at Home
This handbook has been written for parents of children in Middle Years schools. Research indicates that parents are the number one influence on their children's success in their educational pursuits and their choice of occupation. Helping children build on their skills, strengths, and confidence will assist them in planning for the future. This handbook has been written to encourage parents and children to begin thinking about and discussing career exploration.

Working Together

School Partnerships: A Guide for Parents, Schools and Communities
This guide is a collaborative response to a request to update Advisory Councils for School Leadership: A Handbook for Parents, Teachers, and Administrators (1996).

Working Together: A Guide to Positive Problem Solving for Schools, Families, and Communities
The purpose of this guide is to give everyone—parents, educators, and community members alike—the information to take part in the co-operative, creative problemsolving process of informal dispute resolution. It is intended to serve as a resource support to local school and school division dispute resolution policies and practices.

Working Together: A Handbook for Parents of Children with Special Needs in School
This document highlights the importance of the diverse and changing learning needs of students with special needs. It also offers support and encouragement to parents and families of students with special needs. This handbook describes some of the services and activities that might be used to meet individual student needs at school.

Working Together: A Parent's Guide to Formal Dispute Resolution
This guide outlines the formal review process, describes the issues that qualify for a formal review, and poses some questions to consider when deciding whether a formal review might be appropriate for your situation.