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Educational Funding/Grants

The Educational Funding/Grants section has annual funding announcements, information on schools' funding, guides and policy documents...

Reporting Forms

Reporting forms required for Departmental and Public Schools Finance Board reporting provided to Manitoba Schools, their Division/District offices and Municipalities. A form for the calculation of special levy amounts remitted to the D.S.F.M. is also provided.

Reports and Publications

School Division Out-of-Province Travel Expenses
This table provides information on School Division Out-of-Province Travel Expenses for the 2017/18 and 2018/19 school years.

High School Graduation Rates and Student Achievement Statistics
This web page presents information about Manitoba’s high school graduation rates, including a new student-tracked rate, as well as other Manitoba student achievement statistics.

A Profile of Student Learning and Performance in Manitoba 2010-2014
This document is an examination of assessments of learning. It presents the results from a number of different assessments at the provincial, national, and international levels. The provincial assessment program in Manitoba supports student learning by providing feedback to students, teachers, and parents about student learning. This information can be used to inform instructional planning and help determine the need for change or student-specific interventions. It provides system-wide information that assists in identifying trends and making decisions about resources and support. It also provides the public with general information about student achievement, sustaining confidence in the education system.

FRAME Reports
Manitoba public school division/district annual revenues and expenditures based on financial and statistical information submitted by school divisions/districts in accordance with FRAME (Financial Reporting and Accounting in Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning).

School Enrolment Reports
Reports providing student enrolments by school along with divisional and provincial summaries, compiled from data submitted annually by school divisions, school districts and independent schools and representing the number of students, on a headcount bass, attending school on September 30 of the school year.

French Second Language Revitalization Program

French Second Language Revitalization Program
Any school or school division wishing to revitalize French Second Language instruction and any organization that works directly with teachers or a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to promote French as a Second Language can apply for this grant.
Application Deadline: January 31

Program for the Enrichment of French in Education

Program for the Enrichment of French in Education
Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning provides discretionary grants to non-profit organizations and postsecondary institutions for the development and delivery of activities that are primarily offered to the members of the French minority community in Manitoba. Grants are awarded annually based on demand and available funding.
Application Deadline: January 31