Application-based Grants in K-12 Education

French Second Language Revitalization Program
Any school or school division wishing to revitalize French Second Language instruction and any organization that works directly with teachers or a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to promote French as a Second Language can apply for this grant.
Deadline for Application: January 28

Intensive Newcomer Support (INS) Grant
This grant supports school divisions that develop specialized programming for newcomer youth from war-affected or refugee backgrounds with EAL and literacy needs which are the result of significantly disrupted schooling. This grant may be used in addition to the EAL Student Support Grant. Please see the guidelines provided at the link above in preparing a project proposal.
Deadline for Project Proposals: May 31

Program for the Enrichment of French in Education
Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning provides discretionary grants to non-profit organizations and post-secondary institutions for the development and delivery of activities that are primarily offered to the members of the French minority community in Manitoba. Grants are awarded annually based on demand and available funding.
Deadline for Application: January 28

Skills Strategy Equipment Enhancement Fund
Schools are invited to apply via their School Division for targeted funding to ensure that students have access to state-of-the-art equipment to learn high-demand skills during high school. The program must meet a number of criteria related to: apprenticeship accreditation, dual credit recognition with a post secondary institution, sustainability, current industry and workplace standards, and work experience placement.