Manitoba's Excellence in Education Awards

Since 2006, Manitoba has recognized exceptional educators whose outstanding educational practices have a deep and lasting impact on student learning and engagement.

Manitoba’s Excellence in Education Awards are presented annually in the following categories:

  • Teaching Excellence (three awards)

    These teachers demonstrate exemplary professional practices and an exceptional ability to inspire students and colleagues.

  • Outstanding New Teacher (one award)

    These new teachers demonstrate great enthusiasm and professional skills that foster a love of learning in students.

  • Outstanding Team Collaboration (one award)

    These educators demonstrate a remarkable collaborative effort while spearheading an exceptional initiative that fosters student learning and engagement.

  • Outstanding School Leader (one award)

    These passionate school administrators demonstrate an exemplary ability to bring out the best in students and staff in order to create a stimulating learning environment in which each individual can thrive.

  • Premier's Award for Excellence in Education (one award)

    These educators distinguish themselves by their remarkable contribution to student learning and engagement. (The recipients of this award are selected from among all the nominees for the above-mentioned award categories.)

Each award recipient will be presented with a certificate and a monetary gift of $500.

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Who can be nominated?
Who can nominate an educator?
How can I nominate an educator?

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Who can be nominated?

An educator who holds a valid, permanent Manitoba teaching certificate can be nominated. At the time of the nomination, the educator must be working directly with Kindergarten to Grade 12 students in a school setting on a daily basis.

Please note that an educator may be nominated in only one award category per year. If the nominee was a recipient of an award in a previous year, this educator cannot be nominated in the same award category.

For additional criteria specific to an award category, see the CRITERIA FOR AWARD CATEGORIES below.

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Who can nominate an educator?

The following individuals who have direct knowledge of the nominee’s contribution may nominate an eligible educator for an award:

  • student
  • parent/legal guardian
  • colleague
  • school administrator
  • school division administrator
  • school trustee

Please note that each nomination requires two nominators, one of whom must be an educator from the nominee’s school or a school division administrator. Self-nominations and supporting documentation from the nominee’s immediate family members will not be accepted.

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How can I nominate an educator?

Please submit a nomination package that includes the following completed documents, no later than December 2, 2021.

  1. Award Nomination Form (Adobe PDF 3.40 MB)
  2. Two nomination texts, one from each nominator
    Nomination texts should provide evidence that corresponds to the criteria for an award category (see below). Each text must be typed, signed and dated. See sample layout.
    Note: The nominee’s immediate supervisor will require a copy of the nomination texts and the completed Award Nomination Form in order to complete the Supervisor’s Nomination Support Form.

    Teaching Excellence Award

    (The nominee must have completed a minimum of two years of teaching in a Manitoba school as of June 2021.)

    • Responds to students’ needs: Give specific examples of stimulating and purposeful learning opportunities provided by the teacher that address the needs of students to foster their intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.
    • Supports student achievement: Describe in detail how the teacher’s exemplary pedagogical practices foster in students a desire to learn, support the development of their knowledge and skills, and contribute to student success.
    • Impacts school culture: Describe, by providing specific examples, how the teacher makes a positive impact on the school culture.
    Outstanding New Teacher Award

    (The nominee must have a maximum of two years of teaching experience as of June 2021.)

    • Demonstrates exceptional qualities as a new educator: Provide specific examples of how the teacher distinguishes himself or herself as a new teacher with outstanding personal qualities and professional practices.
    • Impacts student learning and school culture: Describe, by providing specific examples, how the new teacher makes a positive impact on student learning and on the school culture.
    Outstanding Team Collaboration Award

    (The nominated team must consist of two or three educators.)

    • Developed an exceptional collaborative initiative: Describe the team’s collaborative initiative, explain what makes it outstanding, and show how it is different from other activities that are commonly part of school programming.
    • Addresses student needs through collaboration: Describe the needs that this initiative addresses and explain, by providing specific examples, how team collaboration was necessary to ensure the initiative’s success.
    • Impacts student learning and school culture: Describe, by providing specific examples, the positive impact that this collaborative initiative has on student learning and on the school culture.
    Outstanding School Leader Award

    (The nominee must be a principal or vice-principal.)

    • Leads with a clear vision: Describe, by providing specific examples, how the leader’s sense of vision, direction and priorities create an environment conducive to student learning and engagement.
    • Empowers others: Give examples of how the leader empowers others and generates enthusiasm and passion to accomplish the job at hand, while fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and trust in which everyone can thrive.
    • Impacts school culture and community: Describe, by providing specific examples, the positive impact that the administrator’s leadership has on the school culture and community.
  4. Supervisor’s Nomination Support Form (Adobe PDF 1.60 MB)
    This form is to be completed by the nominee’s immediate supervisor (principal). If a principal is being nominated, the immediate supervisor is the superintendent or assistant superintendent of the school division. Note: If the immediate supervisor is one of the nominators providing a nomination text, this form is not required.

Please, no handwritten submissions.

Only complete nomination packages, including all completed and signed nomination texts and forms, will be considered by the selection committee*. Multimedia files (ex: DVD, CD, USB key) will not be considered.

Submit nomination packages by mail, email, or fax:

Selection Committee
Manitoba’s Excellence in Education Awards
Manitoba Education
509–1181 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg MB  R3G 0T3
Fax: 204-948-3234

Nominators will be notified by email when their nomination package has been received.

*  The selection committee may include representatives from:

  • Manitoba School Boards Association
  • Manitoba Association of Parent Councils
  • Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools
  • Manitoba Education
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