Manitoba's Excellence in Education Awards

Tips to help you prepare a compelling nomination

Manitoba’s Excellence in Education Awards recognize the work of outstanding educators whose exemplary contributions enhance student learning and engagement.

To write a compelling nomination text for your proposed candidate, consider these tips:

  1. Provide supporting evidence
    In addition to saying that your nominee is outstanding, you must provide evidence to demonstrate it. Provide specific examples, stories, anecdotes, and data to illustrate how the nominee meets the criteria for the award category. Indicate what outcomes have resulted from the nominee’s outstanding work.
  2. Present the big picture
    Both nomination texts should address all the criteria identified for the award category. Rather than focus on a single action or a single example of excellence, demonstrate how your candidate excels in many ways.
  3. Focus on excellence in education
    Working on school or community committees (or simply working long hours) does not in itself demonstrate excellence in education. Rather than merely listing the committees that the nominee may be on, provide specific examples of how the nominee’s work meets the criteria for the award category and demonstrates excellence in education. Refer to “Provide supporting evidence” in item 1 above.
  4. Be clear and precise
    The language and descriptions in both nomination texts should be succinct and to the point. Clear and precise examples specifically focused on excellence in education carry much more weight than long, detailed descriptions that lack appropriate focus or connection to the criteria for the award category.
  5. Give different perspectives
    Submit a comprehensive nomination package with supporting evidence based on different perspectives. Make sure the nomination texts from both nominators highlight various elements, while avoiding repetition.

Remember that the selection committee members make their decision based entirely on the documentation you provide. The nomination texts should paint a complete and compelling picture of your outstanding candidate.