Manitoba's Celebration of Excellence in Teaching

Minister's Award Recipients 2007-2008

2007-2008 Recipients

Excellence in teaching – Early Years

Recipient: Mr. Brian Borkowsky


Mr. Brian Borkowsky
Grade 3 Teacher
Teulon Elementary School
Interlake School Division

Brian Borkowsky is the recipient of the Minister's Award of Excellence in Teaching for Early Years. For the past 32 years, Borkowsky has been teaching at the Teulon Elementary School in the Interlake School Division. His commitment to student learning and achievement is recognized by administrators, colleagues, students and parents alike. A vital contributing member of the school and the community, Borkowsky is admired for consistently going above and beyond the call of duty in everything that he undertakes. With his nurturing guidance, Borkowsky’s Grade 3 students also strive to be the best they can be. In partnership with the community, he provides a daily positive experience for the students, helping them realize their full potential. Accompanied by Borkowsky’s genuine caring and respect, his students are well on their way to becoming contributing and responsible members of society.

Excellence in teaching – Middle years

Recipient: Mrs. Joan Karen Duerksen


Mrs. Joan Karen Duerksen
Grades 6-9
John Pritchard School
River East Transcona School Division

Joan Karen Duerksen of John Pritchard School in River East Transcona School Division is the recipient of the Minister’s Award of Excellence in Teaching for Middle Years. She serves as the main teacher and program co-ordinator of the English as an Additional Language program available to immigrant students from grades 6 to 9. She has become a master in the use of differentiated instruction strategies. Using relevant topics, hands-on strategies and problem-solving activities, Duerksen has helped develop her students’ confidence in themselves and in their language acquisition. Her genuine, compassionate rapport with her immigrant students and their families has greatly contributed to the positive experiences they have enjoyed since their arrival in Manitoba.

Excellence in teaching – Senior years

Recipient: Mr. Bradley Daniel Dowler


Mr. Bradley Daniel Dowler
Grades 9-12
Springs Christian Academy
Independent School

Bradley Dowler of Springs Christian Academy, an independent school, is the recipient of the Minister’s Award of Excellence in Teaching for Senior Years. Dowler was a pioneer in the area of information and communications technology, developing computer courses for middle and senior years. He educates students and fellow teachers in the implementation of computer technology and involves his students in projects using geographic information systems software as well as global positioning systems to help them acquire in-depth knowledge of their community. Dowler was also a pioneer in establishing citizenship education with the kindergarten to Grade 12 social studies discipline and the school as a whole, long before the arrival of the current provincial social studies curriculum. Through numerous initiatives, he has served as a role model to his students and has fostered their ability to make a difference in society.

Outstanding New Teacher

Recipient: Mr. Danys Dorge


Mr. Danys Dorge
Grade 4
École Précieux-Sang
Division scolaire Franco-manitobaine

Danys Dorge of École Précieux-Sang in the Division scolaire franco-manitobaine is the recipient of the Minister’s Outstanding New Teacher Award. In his second year of teaching, Dorge has clearly demonstrated commitment, enthusiasm and an open, curious mind when faced with the everyday challenges of teaching. He is convinced that each and every one of his students has the potential to succeed at his or her pace and in his or her way in a climate of mutual respect. He has the confidence to recognize what works for him and his students and the flexibility to adjust to the varying and changing needs of his class. An exemplary model of patience and kindness, Dorge accompanies his students as they evolve as human beings and as future citizens. He firmly believes that a world and a community are built one child at a time. Dorge has made a measurable difference in the young and impressionable lives of his Grade 4 students.