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Aboriginal Education Research Forum 2017

Greetings and Welcome

Welcome, Aniin, Tansi, Boozhoo, kakina awiya, Elders, presenters, delegates and volunteers to the 13th annual Shawane Dagosiwin or Aboriginal Education Research Forum. Our theme of this thirteenth year is “Embedding Spiritual & Sustainable Wisdom in Education and Research as an Act of Reconciliation.” which will guide the 2017 agenda.

Manitoba is the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe (Ojibway), Dakota, Dene, Ininew (Cree), Métis and Oji-Cree. We hope you enjoy your stay and renew acquaintances and friendships with colleagues, friends and family and make some new ones too. It is Manitoba’s privilege to host this conference, which is rich in the knowledge and wisdom that our Elders from Manitoba and other Nations share with us every year.

A big thank you goes out to the Planning Committee, whose members work collaboratively and diligently throughout the year to bring you this eventful gathering. Their efforts are truly appreciated. Also, we would like to acknowledge the special contribution of our conference volunteers and elders; and Susan Swan of Planners Plus, Inc. for all her tremendous hard work.

Shawane Dagosiwin would not be possible without the financial and in-kind support of our esteemed sponsors. University College of the North; University of Manitoba; United Way of Winnipeg; Manitoba Métis Federation; Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Center; Brandon University; University of Winnipeg; Manitoba Education and Training and Manitoba Indigenous and Municipal Affairs.

Thank you to all our sponsors who contributed in so many ways and to the many staff, volunteers and friends who go that extra mile to make Shawane Dagosiwin a success for all!

To the Creator, thank you for gathering us here safely. Thank you for bringing us together and giving us the self-determination and liberty to join our voices together for the goodness and growth of our communities. Thank you for opening our minds and giving us the ability to think individually and as a collective and ask that our thoughts are pure so we are able to create new meaning, purpose and growth for ourselves, our families our communities and nations.

Helen Robinson-Settee and Staff at the Indigenous Inclusion Directorate