Aboriginal Education Research Forum 2023

Call for Papers

18th Annual Aboriginal/Indigenous Education Research Forum “Shawane Dagosiwin”

May 17 & 18, 2023

In-person forum, welcome back!

Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre
1808 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Proposal Submission Deadline: Friday, April 7, 2023

Conference Theme: "Gathering again through Land-based Knowledges & Research”

We are pleased to announce that the 18th Annual Aboriginal Education Research Forum – “Shawane Dagosiwin” is hosting the forum as an in-person event on May 17 & 18, 2023 at the Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre, 1808 Wellington Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

“Shawane Dagosiwin” (as translated from the Anishinaabe language) reflects the values of, and embraces integrity and respect for family and community in educational research. This year we are pleased to co-host this event organized through a planning committee that includes educators from Manitoba's universities, the provincial departments of education, First Nations and Métis governments and various representative organizations.

We invite proposal submissions from Teachers, Educators, Students, Elders and Knowledge Keepers, Language Teachers and Others who:

  • Are doing language and culture teaching, training, implementing projects and programs
  • Are engaged in learning and teaching, organizing, consulting, or community projects.
  • Administer or manage school and community based research and projects
  • Apply varied approaches to research content and processes with Indigenous peoples
  • Work across the lifespan from pre-school, K-12 to post-secondary and adult/community education and health wellness
  • Are students whose work reflects Indigenous perspectives on cultures and languages
  • Conduct research and community projects that reflect a variety of Indigenous methods and themes that reflect the conference theme.
  • Participate in disciplines other than education.
  • Participate in local, regional, national, and/or Indigenous international projects.

We welcome various presentations styles:

  • Paper, Oral or Performance presentations.
  • Sharing Circles, workshops and sessions involving audience participation.
  • Roundtable, panel, or circle discussions.
  • Showcase or display by poster sessions of Indigenous research methodologies: Displays of written, digital, media and graphic (pictures) research projects.
  • Open - We encourage presentations that may not be formal academic papers and could engage participants to think of other research processes e.g., craft workshop, song or dance workshops displaying methods and processes that include narrative/storywork and action research.

We welcome the following topics (not limited to these):

  • The benefits derived from land-based education and research knowledges and processes.
  • Sharing/collaborative and/or partnership approaches to Indigenous research in education for language and culture wellness
  • Indigenous Research Methodologies and Ethics/Protocols
  • Past/present/future research themes, and stories
  • Research benefits to Indigenous knowledges, languages, cultures and community
  • Research Methodologies that engage Indigenous peoples and communities
  • Community projects that celebrate the collective voices – includes action research.
  • Engaging guiding principles for research
  • Importance of research to policy and educational language and cultural richness

Proposal Submission Deadline – Friday, April 7, 2023

  • Complete contact information, including: Name(s), email (if applicable include all presenters’ emails), fax number(s), phone number(s), and address(es), and a Presentation Title
  • A brief description of the content/session (up to 250 words). Presenter biography: up to four lines (in MS-Word format).

Submit your presentation:

  1. Complete the online Call for Presentations Form.
  2. Download the Call for Presentations Form (MS Word Icon) and submit using one of the following methods:
    Email to sheri.domenico@outlook.com or myrle.ballard@umanitoba.ca or laara.fitznor@umanitoba.ca or cakematch@rrc.ca

Registration fees Include admission to all sessions, forum meals, forum events, and nutrition breaks:

  • $275.00 - 2 Day Conference Pass – Early Bird – ends April 3, 2023
  • $300.00 - 2 Day Conference Pass
  • $225.00 - 1 Day Conference Pass – May 17th only
  • $225.00 - 1 Day Conference Pass – May 18th only
  • $120.00 - 2 Day Student Pass
  • $100.00 - 1 Day Student Pass
  • $250.00 - Conference Presenters
  • $2,500.00 - Group Rate (10 participants)

We encourage you to register early to facilitate our planning of the conference program. NOTE: Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation.  The venue, Victoria Inn Hotel and Conference Centre, 1808 Wellington Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0G3, has ample parking and forum room rates have been set aside. Rooms are available at $149.99 plus taxes, per night. A block of rooms will be held under AERF.

For regular updates on the Aboriginal Education Research Forum or to register, please visit our website at www.aerf.ca.