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Educating Your Children at Home

Considering Homeschooling? pdf brochureIn Manitoba, parents* may choose to homeschool their children. The Homeschooling Office administers homeschools and supports homeschooling families throughout the province.

* The term parents refers to both parents and guardians, and is used on this website with the recognition that in some cases only one parent or another family member may be involved in a child's education.

Homeschooling is when parents choose to be responsible for their child's education and not have their child attend a public or independent school. When parents choose to homeschool their child, they are responsible for obtaining resources and materials for the program of study. Provincial funding is not available to families who homeschool.

When planning for homeschooling, parents may view Homeschooling Videos, read Guideline Documents for Homeschooling and view samples of notification forms and progress reports. When families notify for homeschooling, they are connected with a Liaison Officer, who supports families to meet homeschooling requirements. Please visit Frequently Asked Questions and Resources for more information.

Parents can complete and submit homeschool forms online. One form is required for each student. Families can submit forms easily from any device (phone, tablet, computer). To access homeschool forms click on the green Homeschool Forms button below.

Form Available Online Due Annually
Student Notification Form July 1 September 1
January Progress Report January 1 January 31
June Progress Report June 1 June 30
Parents must submit homeschool forms every school year.


Formulaires d'enseignement domicile

When completing an online form, each box must be answered in sequence. After answering, “Are you homeschooling for the first time in Manitoba?”, a Form Submission box opens allowing you to choose Student Notification Form, January or June Progress Report.

Troubleshooting Opening the Forms Page

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If you have questions about the online form or to obtain a paper copy of the Student Notification Form, or January and June Progress Report forms, contact the Homeschooling Office.