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Funding of Schools
Easy-to-read reference guide describing funding provided to K-12 public schools in Manitoba.

Public Schools Enrolment and Categorical Grants Reporting
Instructions to assist school divisions in meeting the requirements for the reporting of enrolment and categorical information.

Grants for French Language Education
(Français Program, French Immersion Program and English Program: French courses)
Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning provides financial support through base funding and grant allocation to school divisions for French Language Education. This funding, disbursed to school divisions, is intended to support the full implementation of both the Français and French Immersion Programs, and to support the successful delivery of French courses within the English Program.


Funding for Temporary Residents Policy
Outlines provincial policy concerning the funding of temporary residents. Clarifies federal policy and the documentation requirements that temporary residents must have to be lawfully present in Canada as well as the documentation schools must request temporary residents to provide.

Manitoba Public School Fee Policy
Provides guidance to divisions/districts regarding fees and charges not specifically referenced in the Act.

Policy on School Funds
Guidelines for School Divisions regarding how funds may be raised, held, administered and expended for the purposes of the school.

French Second Language Revitalization Program

French Second Language Revitalization Program
Any school or school division wishing to revitalize French Second Language instruction and any organization that works directly with teachers or a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to promote French as a Second Language can apply for this grant.
Application Deadline: January 31

Program for the Enrichment of French in Education

Program for the Enrichment of French in Education
Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning provides discretionary grants to non-profit organizations and postsecondary institutions for the development and delivery of activities that are primarily offered to the members of the French minority community in Manitoba. Grants are awarded annually based on demand and available funding.
Application Deadline: January 31