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Schools’ Finance Reporting (Downloadable Forms)

This site is provided to Manitoba Schools, their Division/District offices and Municipalities for downloading forms required for Departmental and Public Schools Finance Board reporting.  A form for the calculation of special levy amounts remitted to the D.S.F.M. is also provided. All files and forms are in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word format. The education tax remittance form for municipal use is also provided in Adobe PDF format. If you are a new user, please see new user instructions below.

Public Schools

Independent Schools


New User Instructions

These forms do not submit data electronically over the Internet, so do not fill them out online. Instead, save (download) them onto your computer or local network and use them as you would any other spreadsheet or document on your own system. Please read the downloading files instructions (found on each client group forms page). When the files are downloaded, save your work and print a hardcopy for signing and submission to the relevant authorities.

Some of the Excel files contain macros and upon opening them, you may be prompted to “Enable Macros” depending on your computer's security settings. For full functionality, in all cases click the “Enable Macros” button. Files posted on this site do not contain viruses or malicious code. As an extra precaution however, you may prefer to scan downloaded files for viruses. Some computer networks do this automatically for you.

For further assistance, please call 204-945-6910.